Monday, April 12, 2010

31 Weeks - Maternity Leave!

It's so surreal to me to have made it this far - wow, 31 weeks!

Friday was my last day of work. It was very bittersweet - quite an emotional day. I'm bored already, but it looks like I left right in the nick of time. We ended up in Labor & Delivery that night with contractions 10 minutes apart. Still no change to my cervix, and the Fetal Fibernectin swab was negative again, so I "should be" good for two more weeks. I just don't trust that test.

I've been taking it easy since then. In fact, we missed our Baby Basics class on Saturday because my uterus would not calm down. Still won't, in fact. We rescheduled for their May class, but I doubt I'll be up for it at that time - I'll be like 35 weeks then. I ordered a couple videos so that should help. Like my mom said - they didn't do classes then and my brother and I somehow survived.

Tuesday night we have Session 1 of our childbirthing class and Wednesday we have a breast/bottle feeding class. We also see the Perinatologist and OB on Wednesday. I can't WAIT to see the girls again!!!

Without further ado, here is the weekly development update. I've switched sources - Fertility Friend is much more thorough. ;-)

Your baby's total length is 18.9 inches (42cm) and she is perfectly formed! She measures about 11.6 inches (29cm) from crown to rump. All she has to do is fill out more. Your baby weighs almost 4 pounds (1800g). If she were to be born now, she would still need to be incubated as she has insufficient fat stores to keep it warm.

Your baby can distinguish between light and dark. Your baby can hear the outside world quite well now, and can also hear the sounds of your heartbeat, your digestion and the blood rushing in the umbilical cord. The pitch of women's voices are in the range babies are most able to hear over all the internal background noise. Your baby is already familiar with your voice and will be able to recognize it after birth.


  1. Congrats on making it to 31 weeks! I can't wait to see more pictures of your nursery!

  2. Oh how very precious. 1st - need another belly shot and 2nd - cant wait to see baby pics! Hope to see them posted!!!!

  3. Whoo for 31 Wks !
    Do you have any wonderful pics of that twin belly you worked and waited sooo long for it off ! I guess I was over doing it when i was pg ... i took so many pics ! LOL ... But i am so glad i did !!
    Take care
    Mrs C From FF...