Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another trip to Labor & Delivery

I spent the night in Labor & Delivery again. I was having contractions Friday morning but I was able to stop them with water and rest. Unfortunately they were were bad last night - every 7-10 minutes. The on-call OB didn't hesitate and had me come in. They hooked me up to the monitor and verified what I was feeling. I was in fact having contractions often. They gave me a test called a fetal fibronectin. This test is given to women with signs of preterm labor between 24 and 34 weeks. Fewer than 5% of women with a negative result will deliver in the next two weeks. Luckily my test was negative so I was sent home. I've been put back on bedrest for the weekend (they are allowing me to go to my baby shower today, but I can't drive and have to stay sitting accept to use the restroom) and have to increase my water intake. I'll call my OB Monday morning to see if I can go back to work or not. The good news is the girls are doing great - heartbeats are fabulous. My next ultrasound to check their growth and my cervix is on Wednesday. I'm praying my cervix is still long and closed after all of this.


  1. Ohh sweetie! I am so happy that things are ok! Rest up and have a wonderful shower!

  2. Praying for you and your girls....May God grant you peace during these stressful days.