Thursday, March 18, 2010

27w3d Peri and OB Appointment Update

My appointments yesterday were great - saw the Peri in the morning and the OB in the afternoon. The girls are in the 53rd and 57th percentile and weighing in at 2.7 and 2.8 pounds. Only a 3% difference in their measurements which is great. Baby A is head down and right on my cervix. She is on the left side. Baby B is vertex/breech on the right side. My cervix is still over 4.5cm. Unbelievable after the braxton hicks beating it's been taking!

Our next ultrasound with the Peri is in four weeks. I see my OB every two weeks still, and she will start NSTs and weekly visits at 32 weeks.

Moving right along!


  1. slackin on the belly pics on your ff pregnancy page ;)

  2. I dont think you look smaller! I LOVE watching your belly grow! How exciting! Soon those lovely girls will be in your arms! PRAISE GOD!