Saturday, February 6, 2010

21 Week Appointment Update

I saw my OB on Thursday, and for now, all is well.

Total weight gain at 21+4 is 11 pounds (this really shocks me because I usually gain weight SO easily, but my OB is totally fine with it given my starting weight and the fact that the babies are right on target).

Blood pressure is 122/81

Fundus is measuring 29 weeks.

She's keeping me on bed rest for two more weeks. She wants the spotting to completely stop. As of Friday morning, it has. She did lift me from strict rest to modified rest - told me not to lay in bed all day but to get up on the couch. She just wants me off my feet. I see the Peri on 2/17 and see her right after I see them, hopefully all will be well and I can go back to having some kind of life! She did approve me to work from home 3-4 hours a day, so we're going to work on seeing if the company will approve it.

She wasn't worried about the BHs at all. I guess she looked at the record from the monitor in L&D and said that most of them were just signs of an irritable uterus and not full on contractions. She didn't even feel the need to check my cervical length, even though I asked if she would. She said with it being 5cm two weeks ago, and with it being posterior, hard and closed on Sunday, that she had no doubts in her mind that PTL was not an issue for me at this stage. The peri will check it on the 17th.

My urine tested positive for GBS, which is not a big deal - 40% of all pregnant women get it. It just made me more thing to add on to the list of so called complications.

Just about 2 more weeks to viability! Keep on praying for us!

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